Low pressures and temperatures permit IMC

The field of shark skins has already been the subject of experimentation for many years now. Before now, however, there was still no reliable manufacturing process which could produce finished components straight from the mold. The completely new approach adopted by FRIMO and Huntsman was used to develop a solution enabling a production process that works with low internal pressures of less than 10 bar. This also permits the use of special mold surfaces. As specialists for virtually the full spectrum of surface technologies, such as those used in the automotive sector, FRIMO initiated a cooperation project for the series-scale production of components with a bionic surface.

Working together with their development partner Eschmann-Textures, FRIMO created the finely detailed impression of a shark skin surface. Besides shark skin, this method can also be used to create other bionic and technical surfaces.

Since the production process with Vitrox® described here occurs almost isothermally and the maximum temperature reached is relatively low (<100°C), it is also possible to apply an In Mold Coating (IMC) process. Coating in the mold prior to the manufacturing process prevents the filigree structured surface of the component from becoming clogged up during a subsequent coating process.

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