Series production within reach

Huntsman Polyurethanes has further developed its polyurethane system technology marketed under the name Vitrox® in such a way that low viscosity can be maintained for almost any freely selectable period of time after the start of mixing. Immediately after that period of time ends (preferably the injection time), the material then reacts suddenly (snap cure).

This provides substantial benefits in the RTM production of PU composites. The reaction behaviour significantly reduces the flow resistance required to fill the cavity, so only relatively low closing pressures are needed to keep molds closed. This eliminates the need to use presses with high clamping forces (>1,000 t per 1m² of component size) which today’s epoxy resin or polyurethane composites require: standardized molds and tool carriers with low closing pressures can be used instead. This allows manufacturers to implement cost-efficient large-scale series production processes as in the case of PU foaming. In addition, the glass transition temperature of Vitrox® PU systems is much higher than epoxy systems – up to 280°C – which means that components can also be coated by EPD painting.

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