Street Shark

The “street shark” is a BMW Z4 with engine hood and roof module made of a Vitrox®-based composite in 3D core sandwich construction with a shark skin surface. The first prototype component, an engine hood for a BMW Z4, was produced in a weight-optimized sandwich design. It was the result of a collaborative effort together with one of FRIMO’s partners, 3D-Core, whose fields of activity include shipbuilding, among other things. For the shark skin surface, a surface geometry formed from the impression of a genuine shark was applied to the mold by Eschmann-Textures. ISL (Berlac Group) was responsible for the paint system. The styling of the vehicle and the geometry reflect the influence of auto racing and were developed and laid out by Dstyle.

Wind tunnel testing showed that the use of this bonnet reduced the back pressure in front of the windscreen, which in turn also resulted in an improved cw value. This offers extremely attractive prospects, not only in the field of motor vehicle tuning, but also for series production vehicles, racing, shipbuilding, aircraft construction and high-speed trains. Further studies including, among others, some concerning the rear wing of a race car, will provide additional information, for example on the interaction between drive side and drag. And many other aspects are also being tested, such as soiling susceptibility, wear resistance, performance in car washes, and much more.

With this collaborative project, FRIMO is presenting the development of a revolutionary composite system while underscoring at the same time its claim as a technology partner in the development of pioneering and sustainable solutions for the production of fiber-composite components.

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